2010. november 30., kedd

Robert Steijn's letter to the performers:

The performance PROPAGANDA! wants to create a positive contribution to our hard times, dominated by populist slogans.

Sometimes I am in a state of mind, that I can watch, analyse everything

inside and outside me with a lot of empathy, I can see the world with  a peacefulness of mind and body. In such a state of mind i don't react aggressively,

provoked by aggression, i can watch it, even condemn it, but

i know that i can't react in the same violent way because that only will lead to more polarisation. We mustn't be provoked to try becoming competing forces with the same weapons.

Our weapons will be much different:
1. by saying firmly no in our mind towards the situation, we are forced to live in. Although we can't physically escape it, we must try to disconnect from it mentally, we must not victimize ourselves, instead we must share a mental free space with our family, friends, colleagues, and public.

2. by having patience, it is much better not to fight immediately back, first we must learn to observe, where we get hurt before we can start from a peacefullness of mind.

3. at the same time we must create an alternative view, propagating another sensibility to perceive a body, gender, our position in society, and the way we perceive the other. 

Warning: This approach is not a return to the flower-power movement of the sixties, it certainly doesn't refer to a belief of an overall positive change after the discovery of a cosmic awareness by synthetics drugs, no, it is a call for taking the responsibility to start with ourselves, almost with the perseverance and decisiveness of a taoist warrior. We must get strong in our softness and openness, like in a yoga exercise.

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