2011. április 4., hétfő

beyond fear and anger (by Robert Steijn)

it is very early in the morning, i arrived at the airport of Budapest almost two hours before my plane will leave to stockholm. I rehearsed propaganda with the Symptoms the last two days. I can’t see the performances themselves, because i must continue my teachings in Stockholm.

I feel a relief. The work is done, now the silence must take over.  The question was how to ask the performers a personal engagement with the actual political situation in Hungary without forcing them to say or do things, which they don’t believe as something that concerns them in their private life.

 at the other hand, when you invite silence on stage as the main character to reflect the situation, you put yourself in a difficult situation as a director. How to let the silence appear as a healing power, without imposing it towards the performers as a rigid rule, to be still and silent in between the acts.

i start to understand how this silence can work. It only works, when you accept there is no other way out of a difficult situation, than being silent, waiting, sleeping, and being intimate with yourself or with close friends.

silence is to redraw from the fight for power.

silence hits you by surprise.

silence is the ultimate surrender, to trust, that things will change slowly when you are beyond fear and anger.

i am silent, it is out of my hands.

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